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Baumann Propellers also offers first class skeg and cavitation plate, repair and replacement. Skegs can be replaced either on the boat or off. We offer one day service on skeg repairs if you want to bring the entire boat in and avoid having to pay for lower unit removal. These repairs are by appointment only and the boat must be picked up the same afternoon, as we are not able to store boats overnight. Cavitation plate repairs need to have the lower unit removed and brought in separately.


We use factory made skegs and cavitation plates, conforming to OEM specs for a perfect fit in size and thickness. Baumann can also completely sand and repaint your entire lower unit, if requested, to factory matched paint using a 2K urethane with hardeners to give a more durable and longer lasting finish.

Pricing for lower unit and cavitation plate repairs are dictated by the amount of skeg or plate that needs to be replaced. Lower unit repairs start as low as $150.00 off the boat. Boats brought in for 1 day service start as low as $250.00. Upgrade your lower unit paint job with complete sanding and painting for an additional charge. Quotes available upon inspection.