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All propellers are repaired as close to OEM standards as possible. Pitch and Rake are set back using pitch blocks, when available, giving an exact pitch and rake setting for each blade. When pitch blocks are NOT available, pitch and rake is set by hand using Baumann’s own pitch gauges to measure settings to the nearest degree. This type of workmanship is what sets us apart from other propeller shops. Three generations of craftsmanship are put into every hand pitched propeller.

After pitch and rake are set to OEM standards, the blades are measured for correct diameter. Baumann Propellers has a standard of rebuilding every propeller to original size, unless the customer gives specific instructions. Simply trimming the edges on simple repairs could seriously affect the performance of your boat, as well as shorter the life of your propeller.

The welded propeller is then ground down and sanded to the original blade shape and size. Edges on the leading edges are left rounded, not squared off, to give a more efficient entry. All propellers requiring cup are now cupped back to OEM specifications or as requested.

Every propeller is then static balanced to a zero tolerance to ensure the smoothest performance possible. This also greatly reduces the chance of the propeller causing damage to the lower unit, due to vibration.

The last procedure of repair is finishing. If the propeller is a painted propeller upon arrival, it is repainted back to factory color. If the propeller has a felt finish or a high polish finish, it is the cleaned accordingly. After the polishing process, the propeller is rechecked to ensure a precision balance.

Baumann Propellers is also able to do more advanced repairs for your propellers. Complete blade replacements, tip replacements, Changing more than two inches of pitch, are all common repairs and are accomplished easily in shop.

We also replace hubs for just about every prop available. Most propellers requiring hub replacement only can be taken care of while the customer waits. Thus saving you both time and money.

Baumann Propellers provides numerous other services for propellers, rudders, shafts, couplings, struts, and other marine related hardware. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us and we will be glad to answer your question.